Our Vision and Values

At St. James everything we do, and everyone who uses our building works towards our vision: 


“Standing on the rock of Jesus, Shining His light to all we meet”


Our security, our home, our foundation is Jesus.  He is where we start and finish. We stand on Him, not on our own strength or wisdom.  We aim to be a people of hope, safety and light to everyone we meet, wherever we live or work.  In Alperton especially we aim to be a place of light, not shining our own light, but letting Jesus shine through us.


Our values come out of our vision, and shape how we are going to achieve our vision.

They are:


Focused on Jesus.

We are a wonderfully diverse group of people, in age, ethnic background, culture and tradition.  However, our pursuit is the same: we give all we are and all we have for Jesus. 

You will find us worshipping in different ways, and in different languages; each service looks very different and how we express our love for Jesus and each other looks different, but it is Jesus and Him only that we long for.


Loving in our relationships.

With such a diverse group of people, confusion and misunderstandings are easy. However, when we step out of our comfort zone for each other and love one another, anything is possible!

“Not by strength, not by might, but by my Spirit” is the way God leads us in.

We can show the world that there is another way, where we are not divided, but where we are indebted to one another, where we hear and love one another.


Resilient in Mission.

Let’s be honest, shining Christ’s light is not always easy. It’s costly. We also recognize that life has many struggles and problems that come to each of us at different times. We face these as a family and draw our strength from Jesus to enable us to serve our community even in times of pain and weakness. Our God has called us to follow Jesus so we value the ‘keeping going’ of it, knowing that Jesus values our heart’s intention to serve Him.

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